The Mobros Share "Don't You See" Music Video, 'Characters' EP Out 11/7

Photo by  Shadow Light Creations

Photo by Shadow Light Creations

South Carolina indie rock duo, The Mobros, have returned with a brand new single and accompanying video titled "Don't You See." The video was premiered today with The 405, who stated,

"the track thrives on the groove of its instrumentation and its heartfelt vocals. The Mobros have keyed into a sound that evokes heartache and the sense of forward momentum that often follows."

This is the latest single to be released from the duo's upcoming EP, Characters, which is out November 7th.

The Characters EP is composed of five songs written, recorded, and produced at Leon’s Electric House where Kelly and Patrick of The Mobros reside. The record was engineered and produced by Kelly Morris and mastered by Zach Bodtorf. Kelly and Patrick took the completist path and wrote separately bringing the songs to the table full-form before tracking. The songs were tracked live in different rooms of the house to an 8 track reel to reel recorder. The EP and upcoming album follows a story about a group of orphans who attend a charter school in Appalachian mountains run by a cult in the 80s. As instructed by the school’s administration, the students have to decide whether they want to live in society or enter the spirit realm upon graduation.

01. You, Forever
02. When I have You In My SIght
03. Where Are You Now
04. Carrie Anne
05. Don’t You See

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While The Mobros managed to record their acclaimed debut, ‘Walking With A Different Stride,’ in just four days at Athens’ famed Chase Park Transductions (R.E.M., Of Montreal), the South Carolina duo had a very different vision for their follow-up.

“We were entering a new phase with our music, and the songs we were writing demanded a more measured, deliberate approach,”

says Patrick Morris, who co-founded the band with his brother Kelly while they were still just in high school.

“We knew we had to record and produce ourselves at our own studio this time around.”

The result is ‘Characters,’ The Mobros’ most ambitious and sophisticated work yet. Anchored by the brothers’ intuitive connection and bold sonic vision, the five-song collection blurs the lines between raw roots and blues, old-school soul, and classical composition, hinting at everything from Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin to The Sonics and Stravinsky in the process. The arrangements are fierce and muscular to match, with Kelly’s distortion-drenched guitar and Patrick’s clattering drums underpinning surprising harmonic twists and turns. Kelly sings with a sometimes-otherworldly voice, one that seems drawn from another era, but The Mobros are a distinctly 21st Century band, and their adventurous sound is indicative of the musical and cultural melting pot that is the modern South.

Born in Camden, SC, Patrick and Kelly cut their teeth as teenagers playing blues and soul covers in nearby Columbia. As they grew older, the brothers’ tastes and interests began to evolve and diverge: Patrick fell in love with indie rock and singer-songwriters, while Kelly studied classical music and dove headfirst into teaching himself to engineer and create films. In 2013, the band was handpicked to open dates for blues legend BB King, and in 2014, they released ‘Walking With A Different Stride’ to rave reviews. The Charleston City Paper hailed the album’s “mix of rugged blues, roots rock, and Stax and Motown soul,” while The Post and Courier dubbed the band “one of the most buzzed-about acts in town” and pegged them as “poised [for] musical stardom.” For the next few years, the brothers lived out of their van, crisscrossing the country on tour and playing festivals from SXSW to Hopscotch as they averaged roughly 250 shows a year and built a cult following on the strength of their incendiary performances.

After a brief stint in Chicago, the brothers returned to South Carolina and found a cheap place in Charleston, which they set about turning into their dream studio. It was there, over three straight years of obsessively honing their craft, that the brothers wrote and recorded ‘Characters.’ Veering from off-kilter garage pop to trippy psychedelia and classical complexity, the collection encompasses an elaborate emotional journey, one that grapples with identity and perception, belonging and escape, doubt and faith. The music is also accompanied by sprawling, immersive videos that, much like the brothers’ music, is intricately detailed, emotionally riveting, and full of evocative imagery and rich symbolism.

“I have synesthesia, which connects all of my senses,” says Kelly. “I thought, “If I write music through synesthesia, then why not write, direct, and film visual pieces to accompany the songs so that listeners can enter into the world of the music with us?’”

The Mobros might be young, but they’ve never been short on vision.

Rickie McCanna