NYC noise-rock band Yucca King deliver eccentric single "Panic Attack #2", off upcoming sophomore album


Noise-rock band Yucca King released their single "Panic Attack #2" today, blending an eccentric blend of noise/art-rock, pop, and punk elements which they self-describe as "indie rock with a penchant for the pretty, the petty, and the grotesque." The single provides a delightful taste of the band's eccentricity, emotional rawness, and avant-garde approach, yet also provides an ear-worm you'll be visiting over and over again. As noted on their premiere, "Whatever you opt to call their music though, it’s for sure quirky, fresh and fun."

Vocalist Greg Arent explained the track's origins. "When I was in my early days of sobriety I struggled with crippling panic attacks. Every time I had to go out and be social without booze I would have a total meltdown. I always wanted to write a song about that feeling and the music in this song seemed to fit; with the dirty bass, screaming guitar and herky-jerky drumbeat. We want the song to actually make people feel anxious."

Arent's unabashed, manic-edged vocals and use of spoken word in sections of the track add an extra element, connecting the listener to his experiences of attempting to quell the surge of adrenaline and immobilizing panic, reciting the tips of "Deep breathe, count to five, relax, close your eyes". The song takes listeners on a wild ride, providing a taste of the emotional toll panic attacks can induce.


"Panic Attack #2" provides the first taste of Yucca King's upcoming sophomore album Popcorn, but also House Fire, due out on April 26th. Drifting away from their indie rock roots, they spread their wings with the new material to reach new heights, with little regard for sticking to a defined sound or expectation. "The upcoming album shows our eclectic music taste and no two songs sound alike," shared Arent. "We don’t try to put ourself into any genre so you’ll hear a lot of different styles throughout the album." They recorded the nine-track album at Brooklyn's King Killer Studios with engineer/producer Ian Elkind.

In celebration of their new music, Yucca King has scheduled a four-day run of shows across the east coast in early May (listed below). "Panic Attack #2" is out everywhere today, including on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music; the full album can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp now.

May 2 - O’Briens Pub - Allston, MA
May 3 - Arlene’s Grocery - New York, NY [Album Release Show]
May 4 - 33 Golden Street - New London, CT
May 5 - The Fire - Philadelphia, PA

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Rickie McCanna