Boris Pelekh's Provocative Indie Rock Band HEY GUY Announces Leg One of Spring Tour; New Single "Stereo" Out Now

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Gogol Bordello’s guitar wizard Boris Pelekh is hitting the road next month with his provocative and theatrical indie rock band HEY GUY. This outing is in support of their recently-released single “Stereo” that’s available worldwide. Brooklyn Vegan vowed, “If you like Gogol’s party-ready mix of gypsy music and punk, you’ll probably like this too. It’s cut from a similar cloth, but a little more in the anthemic alternative rock realm.”  
Their week and a half East Coast trek kicks off at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA on May 1st then heads down the coast stopping in quite a few markets including New York City and Philadelphia, concluding at Sidebar in Baltimore, MD on May 10th. Advance tickets can be purchased here



Boris Pelekh is a Moscow-born Russian immigrant. Fortunately, he was raised in a family that was able to afford clothes, food, and music lessons. His older brother introduced him to rock music via dubbed cassettes from the West, which were illegal but they leaked onto the black market. At this time, he studied classical guitar technique from the age of six to nine then migrated to the United States.
In 1994 he secured a full scholarship to one of the best music schools in New York City after auditioning in front of a committee. He auditioned at LaGuardia High School for guitar and was the only student in his junior high to nail the audition. This catapulted his ability to arrange and compose like never before. Once he discovered that he could adapt his classical training to learn Metallica songs, he wouldn’t leave his room for hours. By age 14 he learned a plethora of metal and rock and roll records and was convinced that it was the only thing that he ever wanted to do in life.
At age 15, his group Demur headlined the LaGuardia High School Rising Stars 3 performances (featured in the film Fame) in front of 3,000 people and were offered a record from Arista Records at the end of the show. Demur never went on to make records because he had bigger plans; getting into Berklee College of Music to hone his craft. He ended up receiving a scholarship to Berklee at age 17 and went on to study jazz guitar and composition for three years. Immediately after graduating he began touring.

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