NYC Rock Outfit Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs Deliver Dynamic Single "The Bronx Is Burning"


NYC's indie rock band Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs share their single "The Bronx Is Burning"; it comes as the title track of their upcoming EP, due out May 17th. Blending 70's inspired rock n' roll with a modern twist, the group delves into an iconic time of NYC history, with driving energy, and dynamic delivery, straight from the city that never sleeps.

Led by vocalist Charlie Sub, the Sound Dogs are a seven-piece band, layering elements of blues, jazz and soul over their classic indie-rock core. "The Bronx Is Burning" begins with a solo snare, joined by an catchy saxophone melody, followed by rest of the band to build a powerful, forward-moving track. The timeless, growly vocals of Charlie Sub balance the group's mix of raw energy and intricate musicianship.

The track slowly builds, telling the story of the seedy side of 1970's NYC, in the days before gentrification of the city, when chaos and brewing anger grew in the streets. "It was 1977 and I was living on my own just out of college," shared Sub. "New York was in bad shape that year. The city was bankrupt; 'Son of Sam' was terrorizing people and landlords were burning down their buildings to collect insurance on their bad investments. People were on edge that summer as a raw energy pulsed through a smoky city. The highlight of that year was the Yankees, under Billy Martin, winning the World Series. As you watched the home games on TV, clouds of smoke from the burning Bronx buildings would sweep over the field."

Much of Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs inspiration can be directed back to Sub's youth, when his family owned the famous Queens nightclub, The Coventry. The venue provided a start for many soon-to-be legendary acts, including KissThe RamonesThe New York Dolls, and other revolutionary bands that brought rock n' roll, glam, and punk onto the NYC scene. Sub worked for his father at the venue, with the music and experiences being profound influences for his musical identity and inspiration.

"These now famous guys just starting out weren't the best role models!" laughed Charlie. "My Dad actually had an ex-con as his driver during the 1970s as many sketchy people added an edge to this ground-breaking club, later featured in HBO's The Deuce." The Sub family currently owns Ethyl's Alcohol & Food in Manhattan's Upper East Side. A lounge, restaurant, and performance space, the 2nd Avenue location is a regular spot for the Sound Dogs to perform, serving as a home-base within the city.

"The Bronx Is Burning" is available now on BandcampSpotify and Amazon Music. The four-track EP due out May 17th, can be pre-ordered on Apple Music and Amazon. The release was recorded, engineered and mixed by Michael Abiuso (Kiss Kiss, The Venetia Fair, The Gay Blades) of Behind the Curtains Media in Brooklyn. Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs will celebrate with a show tomorrow night at Desmonds (9pm EST; 433 Park Ave S, New York, New York 10016). The band plays throughout the greater New York City area multiple times per month, with further show announcements to come throughout the summer.


Saturday, April 27 - Desmonds - Manhattan, NYC
Saturday, May 4 - Silvana - Manhattan, NYC
Friday, May 17 - Shrine - Manhattan, NYC


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