Del Pelson release another infectious single "Traffic"


Hot on the heels of their last two singles, Florida's indie-pop band Del Pelson share another stunning and immersive track titled "Traffic" today. Gorgeously rich, dreamy guitar melodies, and layered harmonics introduce the track, cresting into an upbeat and groovy single, perfect for the coming summer months. A bright, care-free melody gives way to sobering lyrics that introduce the difficult subject of addiction.

As with their previous tracks, a closer listen to the lyrics gives way to a serious message. "Traffic empathetically looks at how substances can be appealing at first, but a delirious realization reveals how abuse and addiction can derail a life. To put it simply, Traffic is about alcoholism," shared vocalist Cal Nelson. "There was a point in college when I realized I was drinking more often than what would be sustainable lifestyle, but that short time in my life gave me a glimpse into how somebody might fall into a cycle of addiction."

The lyrics reveal the dark spiral of addiction, with various examples of a life slowly becoming unraveled. "Cause I've been walking out in to traffic, and eating breakfast for dinner when it's lunchtime / Picking up the bottle from the floor, you know." Layers of lucid guitar, cerebral synthesizers and persuasive percussion blend for a dreamy yet hook-laden melody.

As Substream Magazine, who premiered the single, said, " An upbeat or a catchy song can help give new perspective on an issue or introduce it to an entirely new crowd," creating awareness, conversation, and most importantly, potential change for listeners to recognize and address unhealthy habits. The outlet noted how the track "does an amazing job of providing a downright charming sound to background the difficult truths" that are revealed.

"Traffic", as well as previous singles "Heather Lou" and "Oak" are out everywhere today including SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music. With a series of infectious summer anthems, their music comes not only to entertain, but also to share important reflections of the world. Del Pelson has a number of upcoming shows across southern Florida, with more to be announced over the summer.


5/14 at Voltaire in West Palm Beach, FL
5/30 at Propaganda in Lake Worth, FL
6/1 at Bougainvilleas in Miami, FL
7/6 Grandview Public Market - West Palm Beach, FL
8/7 Bayside Marketplace - Miami, FL

Rickie McCanna