Sleep Talk Releases Debut Album, "Everything In Colour"


Adelaide alternative outfit Sleep Talk today unleash their debut album Everything In Colour. After announcing their signing to UNFD in February, Sleep Talk quickly unveiled the title track of the record to a rapturous response. In March, they backed it up with their most recent single "Slowfade" which saw the band grace the cover of Spotify's Homegrown & Heavy and enjoy air on The FactionRAGE and Radio Adelaide. Both tracks marked a fiery introduction to the record, which now released in its entirety, is sure to spin heads towards the effervescent five-piece. 

"We started writing EIC towards the end of 2016. It felt good, and we all knew we were ready to do it," says drummer Michael Belletti on the genesis of the record. "We just wanted to write an honest and organic bunch of songs. We didn't want to force anything or aim in a certain direction. We believed in each other's abilities enough. We were excited and confident."

Lead vocalist Jacob Clement says that the intention of this record was to appeal to a wider breadth of listeners, explaining that he wanted to harness his own personal experiences, and make these accessible to listeners by way of wide interpretation. 

"During the writing period for Everything In Colour there was a strong emphasis personally to present a more mature style of writing in comparison to prior Sleep Talk releases," he explains. "I also wanted to write content that maybe, to me, had a very specific meaning but was vague enough that people could interpret the lyrics how they deemed fit." 

From the desperate feeling of clinging to a relationship in 'The Sun' to the painful cry at mortality on 'If I Die', Everything In Colour is a raw, artistic commentary on universal aspects of human nature. Sonically, it perfectly sums up the band's uniquely precise-yet-frenetic slice of alternative, while lyrically it sees the band capture a whole new level of weight. 

Sleep Talk first made their statement with their 2016 debut EP Growing Pains - a compelling release which harnessed raw frustrations on the trials of growing up. 'Mother' was a desperate ode to holding on to lost childhood dreams, 'Watch You Leave' detailed the aftermath of a failed young relationship, while 'Yellow Cars' navigated the struggles of growing up with parents with high expectations. Everything In Colour takes Sleep Talk's knack for honest and organic storytelling, ramping up the lyrical and sonic maturity in its wake and promising to propel the band to new heights. 

Rickie McCanna