Super Low reflect on life with new single "Runners Ups"

Super Low reflect on life, with bright indie-pop melodies on new single "Runners Ups"

Formerly known as China Gate, Memphis-based band release first single
off upcoming album; premiered on VENTS Magazine 


With a bright, jangle-pop guitar introduction, Super Low's new single "Runners Ups" provides an instant hook. The first single off the band's upcoming self-titled album, it also comes as the group's debut under a new name. Formerly known as China Gate, the Memphis-based outfit present a brand new set of delicious, empathetically infectious melodies on the upcoming release. "Runners Ups" dives into a intricately layered blend of indie-pop and melodic rock, for one that you'll be returning to over and over again.

"Runners Ups is about communication, and about trying to find meaning, and learning to move on from negativity," shared vocalist and guitarist Tiger Adams. Writing the melodies first, his lyrics focus heavily on personal relationships, emotions, and self-reflection. It often creates an interesting mix, of bright, catchy melodies and dynamic tracks, with the lyrics reflecting on serious material. From tough conversations in relationships, to personal anxiety, Super Low builds empathetic, relatable music. As the lyrics share, "If I could split my shame / into pieces I could take / let it through / cause we can't always walk away / we can't always walk away," exploring how we all must confront difficult conversations and situations. Embracing and acknowledging our hardships and challenges, but focusing on the positive is what they're about.

The band was, until recently, known as China Gate. They released an album titled Everything At Once (2015) and 2017 EP Good Grief under the name. Since then, a natural shift of the project led them to rename themselves as Super Low, officially announced this spring. Adams explained, "We changed the name to Super Low because we now have a rotating group of musicians to help with touring; while before we had the same five members for over three years." With the new set-up, Adams and keyboardist Harry Neblett are the only permanent members of the group. Drummer John Lewandowski, bassist Conner Booth are joined by rotating live members Jawaun Crawford, Annalisabeth Craig, and Walt Phelan for performances, making for a versatile configuration.

"Runners Ups" is out exclusively on Bandcamp today for stream and sale. Super Low's album Super Low will be out on July 12 on all major digital retailers, as well as CD and cassette formats. The band has two tours planned through the north-east in July and August; with dates to be announced in the coming weeks.


July 20 - New York City - Arlene's Grocery

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