This Student Film Finally Answers the Question - What Exactly Does an Artist Manager do?

An age-old question which seems to have a million and one answers: What does an artist manager do anyway? Plagued with the question and seemingly no simple explanation, Drexel University seniors Emily Berke and Ale Hedlund took it upon themselves to finally lay out all the answers in their mini-documentary series "Manage Your Expectations: Artist Managers and What the F#%$ They Do". The comedic series follows the two as they interview professional managers and performers to learn the ropes of the job and figure out why artists need managers in the first place. Berke and Hedlund, both students of Drexel's Entertainment and Arts Management program, never claim to be professional filmmakers. Their "homemade" project focuses on the topic at hand with the purpose of educating those who may be curious about the job.

Emily is an artist manager with LA-based Waldman Management and currently co-manages New Jersey duo 18th & Addison alongside Scott Waldman. The series was written and produced in collaboration with Hedlund, an experienced TV & Cinema Management student who is set to receive her MBA from Drexel next summer. The series has already garnered press from Substream Magazine, idobi Radio, and Drexel Westphal.

"I've worked in management since my sophomore year of college and I've always struggled to explain the job to others," Emily said. "My work changes every day and every manager has their own definition. I'm excited that I was able to choose this topic for my final thesis and work with my friend Ale. Hopefully, people will see this series and want to be an artist manager them self or find a new appreciation for the work that really goes into it."

The first episode of the series will be premiering June 5th on YouTube with the rest to follow each week. You can watch the trailer here.

Rickie McCanna