Indie rock/punk trio Indie Rock/Punk Trio KinZie Deliver Punchy & Addictive Album 'Dead Eyes'KinZie deliver punchy & addictive album 'Dead Eyes'


Alabama indie rock/punk trio KinZie deliver their debut album Dead Eyes today, charging forth with a series of infectiously catchy and punchy sonic hooks. Combining an invigorating blend of influences, KinZie share a perfect mix of intricate, tight-knit performances; full of catchy grooves and punk energy. PureGrain Audio summarized their album as "delicious and devious" and complimented KinZie as a "formidable indie rock/punk trio that’s as quirky as it is catchy."

"Since this was our first debut album, we really wanted it to be as memorable as possible and relatable while avoiding the usual topics of love or everyday surroundings," shared vocalist/guitarist Phillip Ori. Following their 2016 EP Young Vagabonds, the new release focuses on capturing the band's live energy and expression. "The biggest change is being able to record all at once which makes for a more honest recording in our opinions. Sonically, it’s nice to capture some wild tones in a real studio environment instead our previous DIY approach. I think the big takeaway is to let people know their feelings matter."

Throughout the ten-track release, listeners are taken on a roller-coaster of emotions; from exploring the struggles of anxiety, to the dynamics between anger, grief, and apathy in modern world, as well as an outlook for what's to come.

Musically, KinZie pull from a wide range of influences, including elements of jazz punk, math-rock, garage rock and hardcore, buttered up with indie rock to appeal to wide audience. Active on the Birmingham music scene for a number of years, KinZie has shared the stage with acts including Screaming Females and Night Beats. Reflecting on the release, Ori laughed, "It’s been a long labor of love and to actually hold the album in our hands is a little surreal. Hard work does pay off!"

The band called upon a number of local musicians and artists for involvement on the album. Musician Jesse Payne provided a guest performance with acoustic guitar on "Dead Eyes" and a guitar solo for "The Process". The alluring cover art was completed by Taylor Adams of Deep Space Devices. KinZie recorded at Boutwell Studios in Birmingham with Brad Lyons (recording/mixing/mastering) and engineer Daniel Long.

Dead Eyes is out everywhere today, including BandcampSpotify, and Apple Music; physical CDs are available on Bandcamp. KinZie celebrate tonight with a listening party at Seasick Records, and numerous upcoming live shows.


July 19 - Dead Eyes Listening Party - Seasick Records - Birmingham, AL
July 27 - Get Talking! Drunk Birmingham Music History (Day Show) - The Nick Rocks - Birmingham, AL
July 28 - The Nick Rocks - Birmingham, AL
August 16 - Firehouse - Birmingham, AL
August 17 - Punk Black - Atlanta, GA
September 9 - Firehouse - Birmingham, AL
October 11 - Dave’s Pub - Birmingham, AL

Rickie McCanna