Biitchseat Premiere Title Track from "To Name All the Bees in the Backyard"

Biitchseat, photo by Herald Martin

Biitchseat, photo by Herald Martin

Cleveland’s DIY scene continues to impress with the latest release from pop/rock outfit Biitchseat. The four-piece fronted by guitarist/ vocalist Talor Smith is slated to release their debut album To Name All the Bees in the Backyard on September 20th. The band is fresh off the release of the album’s first single “Bathroom” and is now sharing the title track from their upcoming debut. The track can be heard below alongside an animated lyric video by Kaitlin Mowry.

“To Name All The Bees in the Backyard (For Barry)” is a perfect follow-up to the album’s lead single “Bathroom,” taking a much more introspective look at growing up—especially memories that shaped the person you became. Smith had this to say about the track:

So this song is about my relationship with my dad, who passed away in 2016. He was my best friend and my greatest artistic support. He taught me to “learn to love what threatens” by humanizing what most are afraid of. He wouldn’t kill spiders, he would name them with me and release them so I would learn to respect them. He would name the bumblebees in the backyard with me.

While sharing a title with the album, To Name All The Bees in the Backyard, the title track adds a tag of (For Barry), a nod to Smith’s late father whom the song references. While the song took a lot of healing for Smith to be able to write and play, Smith’s performance and passion on the track highlights the relationship with her father.

Smith’s vocals lend themselves perfectly to the warmer, more celebratory verses as well as the softer, more hopeful lines that cap of the song’s bridge. “To Name All The Bees in the Backyard (For Barry)” is a song that seems to emphasize all the things that make Biitchseat such a fun band to listen to, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album when it releases on September 20th.

Biitchseat is:

Talor Smith (guitar, vocals)

Kristin Schmit (guitar)

Connor Hunt (bass)

Evan Searls (drums)

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