Cheyenne Thomas / Would You Still Love Your Favorite Band If The Members Weren’t Attractive?

photo by  Ashley Houston

photo by Ashley Houston

Humans have always placed a high value on appearance. We like people that are attractive; It’s how we are wired. But I fear it has become less about the music and more about the attractiveness of the band. In genres like Pop, being good looking is among the highest of prerequisites to being a star; even above having any talent at all. That has been no mystery since the beginning of time. Ask yourselves this? When is the last time a new band came on to the scene and at least half of their members weren’t poster-child beautiful? I’ll wait...

Now there is nothing wrong with fangirling over how cute your favorite band members are, that’s all a part of the fun, but what is concerning is when attractiveness takes priority over talent. I’m not saying any of the above bands are not talented either. This is just food for thought. We can’t forget the days of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, or The Grateful Dead when it was all about pure, raw talent. Fans often didn’t even know what the band looked like. They were listening to the quality of the music alone. But on the other end, you could argue that sex appeal has always been a part of rock n roll. For every Roger Waters, there was also a Jim Morrison. Who’s to say what makes a band successful. In a way, being a rock star makes people seem more attractive alone. There’s no perfect equation for what equals success. Being good looking certainly, does help though

Cheyenne Thomas