Rickie McCanna / A Letter From The Editor March 2017

A short letter from my editor, myself, to the readers of MNSTRM Media.

Photographers have thick skin.

This is something I heard listening to NPR one day. My day to day life is circled around getting better as a person, that’s what this magazine is about. I’m so attached to people who have drive or passion or whatever you want to call it. I can’t stand to be around someone who doesn’t strive everyday to do better than the last.

We all have struggles of different breeds, financial, emotional, mental and even physical. Not everyone can accomplish their dreams overnight and some people chose to not accomplish them at all. I’ve learned that people my age stopped getting back up after being pushed down. I can promise you there is nothing that you cannot do.

Artists, writers and content creators in general always suffer an uphill battle. What separates you from everyone else is, are you strong enough to climb to the top?

Rickie McCanna