Rickie McCanna / Interview with TJ Horansky of Sleep On It


Four Year Strong is out on the road for the Rise or Die Trying tenth-anniversary tour with support from Can't Swim, Light Years and Sleep On It. I recently got the chance to ask TJ of Sleep On It a few questions about what they're up to and the process of recording their first full length! Make sure you check them out and come out to the shows early, this lineup is stacked.

Could you explain who you are and what you do?
We are Sleep On It and we are a pop punk band from Chicago. 

How are you guys doing, at this moment and in general in life?
We are currently sitting in ABG studios, finishing our first full-length record. I think we are all feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiousness right now, but I'm pretty happy with how the record is sounding so far.

What is your upcoming music release going to be like? Is it finished?
I think we really honed in on our strengths while still pushing the boundaries a bit. At this moment, we have three more days in the studio.

What was the recording process like for it?
We all genuinely love recording at ABG studios. Recording can become quite stressful but our producer Seth Henderson knows how to encourage all of us and get the best out of our performances. Plus, there is a hot tub and a bunch of dogs here, so that's awesome.

What are your goals for the new album / 2017?
We want to tour as much as possible. I think getting out on the road and putting on a great live show is one of the best ways to promote your band. 

How was your first year with your new vocalist?
Zech was such a natural fit for us that it doesn't feel like its only been a year. We couldn't have asked for a better situation.

What is your go-to place to eat while on tour?
We love Taco Bell. We were fortunate enough to get endorsed by Feed the Beat, which has really helped us financially on the road. I also really enjoy Chipotle.

Would you rather play in your hometown or a place you’ve never been?
I like both for different reasons! I personally really like seeing new places and meeting new people, but Chicago shows are always special for us.

Do you have any pre-show traditions as a band?
Stretching. Sometimes Luka (our drummer) lets me loosen him up, so that's always fun.

Finally, are there any misconceptions about your band, and what do you want people to know about your band?
I'd like anyone reading this to know that you should always feel welcome at one of our shows, regardless of gender, race or creed. More than anything, this band stands for tolerance and respect of others.

Check out their last release,  Lost Along The Way    here.

Check out their last release, Lost Along The Way here.