Talk Tuesday / Lauren Ours / Anarchy in the US

We're all disappointed with the state of the government right now, that's no secret and we can all agree on it. Another thing though that we can all agree on is that it has been amazingly inspiring for social activism and even more so for music. Anarcho-punk is not a new genre, it's been irritating parents and scaring Christians since the 60's, and let's not act like we don't need some new protest anthems. From Carole King to YG & Nipsey Hussle, to, let's not forget, Beyonce, we're getting some real angry and empowering shit.

I'm not gonna lie, I love it. I wanna blast "FDT" from my car in rich white neighborhoods throughout the country. Honestly, we need that shit. We need people getting angry and starting marches and boosting up our fellow humans, cause that's really all that matters. Whatever skin color, religion, sexual preference, whatever, we're all just fucking humans, and the idea that we're so separate has come from the government and the 1% as a way to tear us apart and make us less powerful. As I'm writing this I fear that I'll be put on a government list and y'all won't ever see me again, but show them that they can't divide us. They can't decide our lives for us. They can't take away our rights. They can't choose how we feel or who we love or our futures at all. Let this mess inspire you. Make music, make art, make love, make peace, rise up from the muck and the mire that they left us in. We are powerful and peaceful. Spread that like the plague. Get involved. Register to vote and pay attention to what's coming up in the ballots. Run for some sort of local office, work at charities if you can.

We are the revolution, which side will you be on?

Lauren Ours