We know you guys have been craving some new songs to add to your daily playlist, and we are now delivering. The new MNSTRM Spotify playlist is up and ready for you to hit the play button. Our team came together once again and compiled a collaborative playlist. Featured songs on this playlist include:

  • Slide by Calvin Harris (ft. Frank Ocean and Migos)
  • Supercut by Lorde
  • American Idiot by Green Day
  • New Rules by Dua Lipa

Listening to these songs one time should convince you of their value, but in case you need some extra convincing, MNSTRM asked the staff why they picked some of the singles.

“I picked this song (“American Idiot”) because I have always loved the song and the lyrics. Even though the song came out when I was 7. I've always found it extremely upbeat, and it always gets me on my feet, whether it be waking up in the mornings to get ready or just listening to it to put you in a good mood. For me, it's one of those songs you can listen to 24/7 and never get tired of.” - Michaela Parks

"I chose this song (“Slide”) because I'm absolutely in love with Calvin Harris' beat and Frank Ocean's dreamy smooth silky vocals. I also love the feature by trap gods, Migos. Plus, it's such a good summer jam! It immediately gets me in the mood to just go for a drive at night with the windows down, and let the world hear what I have playing as I zoom down the highway. Hopefully, you get the same feeling as I do." - Patrick Quiring

“I threw this song (“New Rules”) on the playlist because I have honestly been in a female empowerment mood. I mean, hey, I am a 21-year old at a university dealing with immature frat boys. They are so enticing yet so dangerous. When I heard this song, I heavily related to every word. It is also just a funky song that easily gets stuck in your head. Her deep, sultry voice pulls you in, and I found myself saying, “YES, GIRL,” the entire song.” - Elizabeth Stafford

"What immediately jumps out at me in this song (“Supercut”) is the super interesting way of looking at the movie editing technique known as "supercuts" when thinking about relationships with people. How in your head when you look back on somebody and remember all the times is a lot like patching everything together into a little movie. It's just so beautiful. I also love how Lorde admits to when you look back on memories you really remember the good parts and when you were the hero of your own story. Even when it might not be the case. It's just so fascinating because I totally can see myself in those shoes. I also really love the music in this too, and how the beat goes with it all. This is a song you'll definitely have to check out the next chance you get" - Patrick Quiring

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