TJ Martinez / An Introduction

photo by  Matt Bender

photo by Matt Bender / @tjmartinezphoto

Hey, Y'all! I'm TJ Martinez, a new MNSTRM Media staff member. I want to jump right in with an introduction of who I am. I've been pursuing my dreams of music photography since June of 2016. It was on a terribly hot Friday night at a local dive bar where I took my first concert photos of a friend's band. Over the summer of '16, I became close with that band, tagging along with them to shows all over Texas. I'm a pretty confident and talkative person so networking came naturally for me. With that, I quickly branched out and started working with many other bands and publications.
It was over the course of that summer that fell in love for the first time. I was fully immersed in my work so no, it wasn't some boy that captured my heart- it was the music industry. I found myself at my happiest when I was doing anything involved with the music industry or my local music scene. I soaked in every moment of photographing artists I loved, partaking in passionate talks about all things music related, long car rides with artists to their shows, making new friends at concerts, band practices, late night food runs after gigs, and everything in between.
I was lucky enough to have that time between my sophomore and junior year of high school to devote my summer to learning everything I could about music photography. I'd spend hours every day researching and teaching myself as much as I could about music photography. Through the months, I’ve worked non-stop toward bettering myself as a photographer by exploring my art and pushing my limits to create the best work I can. Presently, I've shot over 100 artists at over 30 shows and 3 music festivals. I’m beyond proud of myself for how far I have come and can not wait to see what I will accomplish with MNSTRM!