"The staff at MNSTRM are some of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals I've ever worked with. From Oklahoma to Ohio MNSTRM Staff can be seen at shows following their dreams & decked out in Tie-Dye. Most of our members have been here since the very beginning when we had nothing to give. After many months of hard work we have a solid, motivated and inspiring group of photographers that bring the artists they love to life."

- Rickie McCanna

Click a staff member's name to view their personal portfolio. To contact an individual staff member with any show or media requests, message us here.

Cheyenne Thomas Photographer

I'm from central Ohio but will be living in Detroit, Michigan where I plan to continue music photography while also working towards a Bachelors in Fine Art. MNSTRM has given me the opportunity to combine all the things I love into one pursuit and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.


I'm from the suburbs of Chicago. I love traveling, taking pictures and spending time with my family and friends, oh and i really enjoy eating a lot dessert food! 

Elias Mohr


I'm just a typical bookworm introvert! I'm a vegetarian who lives off pasta. In addition to writing for MNSTRM, I'm working on a novel and produce short stories as well. I love my day job as a teacher at a center for autistic kids. I play guitar and bass, as well as any other stringed instrument. Hit me up if you wanna collab, fam. 


Elizabeth Stafford Photographer


Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I am currently studying studio art and psychology at the University of South Florida. I love writing and shooting concerts and creative portraiture, and I am currently the Director of Music for my college's radio. Some of my favorite bands/groups include All Time Low, The 1975, Cash Cash, The Maine, Dillon Francis, and State Champs. 


Paris Lewis



My name is Paris Lewis, and I am a photographer based in St. Louis, MO. Music photography and portraiture are my first and second loves. In addition to taking photos and going to concerts, I also enjoy taking naps, finding new music to vibe to, and traveling to new places as much as I can.


Patrick Quiring

Hello, hello! My name is Patrick Quiring, and I hail from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which is just outside Tulsa! So, by day I am a legal assistant at a non-profit law firm, but by night you can find me down in the photo pit at a show taking photos, and trying to capture a moment that can never be reproduced again. I'm also a writer too who loves bringing the readers along with me when I write about concerts, and experiences I have!


My name is Rickie McCanna and I am the Manager and Head Photographer for MNSTRM. For nearly ten years I've been practicing photography and in the past two I've been working as a music photographer. I started this magazine so I would have a platform to do what I love ambitiously with no restraints, and I hope I can continue this for years to come.

Hi, I'm Samantha and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I love photographing and attending shows. I love In N Out and Disneyland, but that just shows I'm from California even more.


Zach Brennan


Hey there! My name is Zach Brennan, and I’m from Methuen, MA. I’ve been fronting bands since I was 13 years old, and music has always fascinated me. Coming from a musically inclined family, and seeing my dad and his brothers play shows constantly, I knew I wanted to be involved in the scene and that I was passionate about music from a young age. I’ve written all of my lyrics, and write poetry and short stories quite often. I was super stoked to join MNSTRM and be able to work my writing about what I love most. 


Parker Slack Photographer

Hey! my name is Parker Slack, Im 21 years old. Im a Photographer and videographer based in Tulsa, OK. I Started shooting for MNSTRM on a whim and since then have fallen love with my team. I love the outdoors and I love music. Combining those two passions culminated in my love of photography. I Have a broad range of focuses, from portraiture, wedding photography, concert, and lifestyle. 


Lauren Ours Writer

My name is Lauren and I'm just a punk-ass kid from nowhere who likes to venture around, play with dogs, eat sandwiches, and listen to music


Jacob Cornell Photographer

Hey, I'm Jacob! I am originally from Cincinnati, but I moved to Columbus a little less than a year ago and fell in love with the Columbus local music scene. That led me to combine my two loves of live music and photography into what i'm doing today! You can usually catch me exploring downtown Columbus or rocking out at a local show.


Brandon Ludwig



Hello my name is Brandon Ludwig I am currently residing in Springfield Missouri where Im attending Drury University and studying Multi Media Production and Journalism. I have a passion for music and photography and combining the two is where I feel at ease.When I'm home alone I'm either playing bass guitar, doing homework, or playing League of Legends (major nerd alert) Add me: Bard poops meeps. When I am not home I enjoy going on hikes, being outside, and thrifting. Some bands I've been digging lately are Movements, Turnover, Vasudeva, Turnstile. I love my friends and family and super stoked to be with the MNSTRM fam.