Photo by Melinda Boyd



MNSTRM Media is an online magazine based out of central Ohio founded by music photographer Rickie McCanna. MNSTRM is pronounced like "mainstream", due to the fact we are everything but mainstream. We are an online and print publication based around the Punk, Rock, Alternative & Metal music scene. Founded in 2016, we started MNSTRM to avoid rules, regulations and to celebrate artistic freedom. We consider ourselves a group of photographers who are growing, learning and constantly getting better, one gig at a time. 



For years my friends and I drove all over the midwest to attend any concert we possibly could. This was always my passion; to take photos and go to concerts. It would only make sense for me to somehow make music photography a career. After a few years in our youth of jumping through hoops and sneaking a few cameras into shows, we decided to start our own magazine. From there it completely took off.  In the summer of 2016 we set out on Vans Warped Tour to spread the word about a crazy idea we had of starting our own publication. We spent a week talking to fans, shooting as many bands as possible and linking up with artists from all over the country to help us with this idea we had. Due to the tremendous amount of work, support and courage we now have a small, amazing community of music professionals.  

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