REVIEW / Debut Self-Titled from Drag Daze


One of the motivating factors in my recent relocation from Cincinnati to Columbus was the idea that Columbus had a much more bustling local music scene and that I’d be able to find countless talented local bands to fill my weeknights. This turned out not to be the case, (Cincinnati and Columbus both have some seriously talented locals) and more recently I find myself wishing I would’ve added a few extra hours onto the trip and moved to Cleveland instead. This year has seen tons of impressive releases from Cleveland-based rockers, and the debut self-titled from Drag Daze is no exception.

One of the things I think some modern day music releases struggle to offer is a balance. The fact that anybody can pick up an instrument, write a song, and release it to the world themselves is a privilege that has completely changed how and why people listen to music. That being said, this fact often lends itself to very focused and specific ideas being explored in music. Don’t get me wrong, I love a variety of artists being able to experiment easily with their music, but I do think this leads to shorter, more specifically purposed releases. For being Drag Daze’s debut effort, the album manages to be a very well balanced and displays plenty of range in their songwriting ability. In fact, a few very well utilized vocal contributions from The Sonder Bombs’ Willow Hawks open and close Drag Daze bringing an added layer of depth to the table. There are plenty of times I found myself dancing alone in my kitchen, and plenty of time I spent listening lying in bed staring at the ceiling.

“Angel of Death,” Drag Daze’s first single, is a track that especially stands out. I found myself angry finger pointing and yelling into my car windshield a few times listening to this track and, again, Hawks’ vocal feature really rounds out the song’s final verses. Dog Eared Pages also serves as a stand out track, and is a song that perfectly highlights the album’s range in sound. Cleveland alt-rock outfit Drag Daze is the latest in a long list of bands you’ll kick yourself for sleeping on, and have quickly jumped onto my list of favorite 2019 releases with their debut.

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