Album Review / Bring Me the Horizon


by Elizabeth Stafford

Pushing the envelope even further before and not caring who’s watching, Bring Me the Horizon recently released their new album, amo. It contains anything you could crave in a musical recipe, from electronic hooks to the exact heavy metal hints they drew you in with a decade ago. The whole album is a hypnotizing experience from start to finish, and it keeps you crawling back for more. If you’re an old fan pushing against the new sounds, the band quite frankly doesn’t care. They say so in the song, “heavy metal”.

10 years ago, death metal fans clung to BMTH’s single, “Chelsea Grin”. It became an anthem of angst and a cry for those who loved the heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals. In the year of 2013, the band started to flex muscles of experimentation with their song, “Can You Feel My Heart” but still beautifully intertwined the hard-hitting melodies the crowds knew so well. Fast forward a couple years and they delivered the album, That’s The Spirit. This album contained the popular single, “Happy Song,” a song you would hearing at one hell of a haunting pep rally.

Sprinting full force through a decade of phenomenal growth, we now have the genius creations of songs such as “”MANTRA” and “nihilist blues”, the latter serving a tech-grunge edge with artist Grimes. The album provides listeners with a rollercoaster of emotions, speaking on topics such as broken love and the power of pure love. The band pulled a handful of tricks from under their sleeve and unapologetically slapped the world in the face with them. For that, I couldn’t love this album anymore than I do now.

This album is best served hot with a side of desire for musical bliss. You’ll be thrown into a whirlwind of fast drums and knocked sideways by the hymns of rock ‘n roll. Indulge in what you’ve been waiting for by giving amo a listen. If you’re still unsure of the new direction they’ve taken, it’s okay. They still have a whole hoard of followers ready for the next new thing.  

Rickie McCanna