Gallery & Review / State Champs



The Living Proof tour hit Anaheim on March 24th, and it sold out the night previous. Gearing up in the 2,000 cap room, the energy was buzzing and high. Out first was Grayscale, a fan favorite. Although the opener, the band carried the crowd and the crowd definitely responded. You could feel the floor shake, and the band definitely fed off that energy the whole set. Next was The Dangerous Summer, who brought their all to the stage. They're definitely a band who knows what they're doing, and can pump up a crowd who might not know them. 

Third was Our Last Night, who played a setlist full of new songs and covers to keep the crowd entertained, although a majority of them seemed to be entertained the whole way through. Finally was State Champs, and all the murmurs and whispers in the crowd became screams. Opening with "Criminal," the crowd was instantly on fire. With such easy lyrics and easy melody, this was the perfect song to kick off this headlining set. Overall, the setlist perfectly blended old and new songs and could satisfy all fans, especially encoring with "Secrets" and "Elevated." Overall, this was probably one of the best tours of the year. 

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Rickie McCanna