Review / Fluorescent Wonder by Pipe-eye


Fluorescent Wonder, first single from Pipe-eye since his EP Laugh About Life came out in 2017. I donʼt normally do reviews, I suck at writing. I usually stick to taking pictures, but when I heard this song I wanted to express my feelings for it in a more detailed way than just saying “I loved it.”

The song starts off with what sounds like someone checking out at a grocery store. It then transitions into what I would call ‘psychedelic art-popʼ. The near monotone vocals compliment the quirky, jingly instrumental extremely well. The musical phrases resemble a poorly maintained amusement park ride as they randomly drop down in energy, and then suddenly burst back in with a choir of little clay replicas of Nick, the bands only member. Midway through the song Cook (Nickʼs stage name) gives us a look into a darker side of his jumbled, grocery store acid trip. Then after a brief pause we are brought back to happy thoughts, but not for long as the song seems to end on that same saddened note that we peaked at earlier.

Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, 4-21-19 .jpg

I discovered Pipe-eye through King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. If you donʼt know, Cook is the guitarist in King Gizzard and also the bassist in The Murlocs. Iʼm very impressed by his ability to be in three groups and still have time to tour multiple times a year while also releasing music.

Iʼve personally have had plenty of conversations with him over the past couple years and heʼs such a nice dude. When you talk to him heʼs quiet, laid back and not nearly as weird as Pipe- eye. When I spoke with Cookie a few weeks ago after The Murlocs show in Cleveland, he said he will be coming out with stuff soon, although I wasnʼt expecting it this soon. So when “Fluorescent Wonder” was released I was geeked. I knew it would be amazing before I even heard it. Pipe-eye has never released something I didnʼt like. Itʼs always uniquely strange, but GOOD. if any of this interests you, I HIGHLY recommend watching the trippy, multi- medium video companion to the song. If you pay close attention to the end, you'll notice that it seems to be leading into another music video. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get a album length

music video? Either way, I will have this song on repeat until the album comes out. Flightless Records

Rickie McCanna