Review / Fieldworks Exkursion by Covenant


covenant (2).jpg

The Sweden based electronic band Covenant has new EP out called Fieldworks Exkursion, put out on April 1st! The new EP has a lot of unexpected sounds collected over time and woven into art-sound tracks - "field recordings of great and small things from tours across six continents, mixed with the everyday noise of living.”

The first song is titled ‘Pantheon’, doesn’t include much voice to the track but a lot of unique sounds to it, and it really make is a great “hype” song to start the new EP and then goes into the second song,  ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’ includes a dark echoing type vibe in it. The next song is ‘False Gods’ a collaboration between band member Daniel Myers and French electro artist Marie Lando, aka Grabyourface, I truly enjoyed this song the most because it was more intense and an easy song to vibe with. Next song up we have is titled ‘Popol Vuh’ which translates into “ Book of advice” , the shortest song on the EP but  also has the most meaning taking you back into some history. Finally, ‘Das Nibelungenlied( Erstes Abenteuer)’ which is more of Spoken word and the longest track of the ep, but it sounds really cool with the beat in the background even and kept me interested in the song. 

This EP was an interesting listen for me as I normally don’t listen to electronic music but it also grasped my attention a lot while I was listening to it, I definitely recommend that you check out Fieldworks Exkursion by Covenant! 

Rickie McCanna