Gallery & Review / In This Moment


In This Moment have made a steady climb to the top of the world of heavy music. After embarking on a historic co-headlining leading ladies tour with Halestorm and New Years Day, In This Moment set out on another big headlining run. The fans in Louisville, Ky welcomed the tour to the Louisville Palace. This is one of the few rock shows that I have witness that leads me to say “Spoiler Alert” because In This Moment puts on quite the show. 

The night began with japanese solo act Hyde and his band of masked musicians. Light The Torch lit the stage up and primed the crowd. Veteran rockers Sevendust brought the energy out of the crowd, stylishly playing their hits from their career spanning 25 years. The anticipation grew as devoted and even a few costumed fans waited for the spectacle to be begin.

A lavish and decorative theatre like the Louisville Palace was an appropriate setting for an In This Moment show. The set began with a simulated thunderstorm and I was starting to get the creeps before a note was played. As the curtain full of pagan symbols fell the band was revealed with Maria Brink towering over them all in stature. The opening song was a cover of “Fly Light An Eagle” made famous by the Steve Miller Band. The beginning of the set had a very haunting feel, very reminiscent of a Blumhouse film, and set in a what looked like a mix between a graveyard and a town from the early 1900s. The paced quicked with when the band went into crowd favorites Adrenalize and River of Fire. Throughout the set you notice how much work goes into putting on a show like this night in and night out with stagehands and crew members scurrying across the stage to keep the show running smoothly. From the choreography to the costume changes a lot of detail went into conceiving the theatrics of this set. An impressive note about the choreography is Brink’s breath control between dancing and singing. One mask gave the effect that Brink and the dancers couldn’t see which made the performance even stronger.

The performance slowed down with the ballad “Lay down your gun” and was lit by cell phone flashlights and a few lighters. The covers continued with the crowd singing along to “We Will Rock You” and “Don’t Stop Believing” led by Brink. The band; bassist Travis Johnson, guitarists Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel, and drummer Kent Diimmel also performed an instrumental melody, without Brink, of Metal classics from over the years. The night finished with the band playing their two biggest hits, “Blood” and “Whore”. With Brink atop a staircase looking down at the crowd with her ruler and trademark “Dunce” hat. Overall the set has moments of fun, scary, and somber but entertaining nonetheless.   

In This Moment performs one of the most elaborate sets for a band their size and the show continues to grow. Whether it is a festival date or their headlining tour the band and crew give more than 100% to give their fans  show they won’t forget.


Rickie McCanna